A Cape Cod Curiosity

    Here is a basket of Cape Cod Gold, the infamous Quahogs.  They are known in other places as Cherry-stones or Little-necks, but nevertheless, they are especially wonderful when freshly dug from the sand. Early winter is the best time to … Continue reading

Now Lets Paint with Bleach

Controlled Discharge with Chlorine Bleach…cont. After creating several art pieces by painting with thickened dyes on fabric, I wanted to experiment with creating detailed designs on a dark fabric background without having to dye the entire piece.  My familiarity with thickening … Continue reading

Painting with Dyes on fabric requires a Watercolor Approach

Water color paint, fabric dyes and dye paints have very similar qualities.  All three of these mediums are applied primarily as liquids and are relatively translucent and stain the surface.  Oil and Acrylic paints, in comparison, are more viscous and opaque allowing … Continue reading