Just for Fun

Blue Crab/Oyster Closed

A fascination with things that move inspires experiments with puppets and pop-up Art.

The Kinetic Collection is a work in progress.

 Staying young is to never let the child in you disappear, and to enjoy the company of young children as often as you can – seeing the world through their eyes is magic. 

Oyster and Pearl Blue Crab

Blue Crab & Oyster was my first attempt at a complex pop-up made from all textiles.   Like  the marionettes, there is specific theory and engineering required to make the designs fold flat and reopen.  

Translating the principles of paper engineering  to textile required solving a series of problems inherent with the characteristics of textiles.  The materials  need to be stiff enough not to bend and accepting a very crisp crease that would not distort. 

Many hours of experimentation resulted in Blue Crab & Oyster.  The experiments continue.



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