About Linda

Mixed Media Textile Artist and Decorative Painter

I was born and raised in New England and have lived on Cape Cod for the past thirty-five years or so – a “Wash-ashore”. My children were raised here and enjoyed the wonders of living and playing by the sea. My husband and I take frequent adventures to our rustic cabin in the north woods of Vermont, savoring the full flavor and diversity of New England life and landscape.

I have traveled through much of the United States, Europe, The Caribbean, Mexico, Japan and South Korea absorbing the local customs, culture and art at every stop.

My inherent frame of reference is Traditional, having studied the “Folk and Fiber Arts” of many cultures.  However, I have a great appreciation for the innovative and cutting edge particularly when studied through my traditional experiences.  I am always surprised and amazed at how the Traditional can be reinvented and yet keep much of its Heritage and Soul.

My art education is one of independent study.  I have taken numerous classes from renown decorative painting and textile artists and explored many styles and techniques on my own. This eclectic approach has allowed me to explore what interests me at the time, to whatever ends, without the commitment of an academic structure.

For me it’s all about the Journey and Discovery.

Some of My Favorite Organizations and Opportunities for Instruction


Everyone has a “Creative Spirit” – Let your spirit soar and explore all the possibilities.

We can discover together the many wonderful people and resources that have cast their “Creative Spirit” into the Rhythm of the Universe