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Some days are just ripe for trying new things!

Create something that totally “tickles your fancy”.

I have a fascination with things that move and marionettes are my most favorite. I woke up one morning and decided that I needed to research the design and craft of making marionettes. I was amazed at the theory and  engineering that is required for the proper construction of a well balanced marionette – I studied and forged ahead.

My Puppet & Marionette Creations:


Lucia  Lucia for web

Lucia (Lucy) is a marionette entirely hand carved from pine using time honored traditional body form with linked joints Her head is sculpted from polymer clay and hand painted.  She stands 24″ tall.  Her clothing is designed specifically to allow her a full range of movement, including her lace trimmed bloomers.

She is strung using a traditional nine string configuration and a horizontal airplane control.







Autono (Autumn) is a marionette constructed from heavy cardboard tubing and fabric, standing 23″ tall. His hands and feet are sculpted from polymer clay and his head from paper clay which is hand painted. His clothing is also designed to give him a full range of motion. His strings are temporary with no control as yet.

Autono for web





Aquila (Eagle) is a marionette constructed from fabric and polyester stuffing.  He is a stylized bald eagle with a hand carved basswood head and sculpted polymer clay talons. The weight of the tallons allow proper movement of his otherwise very light weight legs.  His wings are constructed from a heavyweight interfacing covered with fabric and are strung to allow a limited movement of flight. He stands 14″ tall and is strung to accommodate a display stand.





 Note:  All of my puppets have been given Italian names – just because.

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