The Quest

Exploring our Art Heritage  through Primitive Art, Tools, Materials, Fibers, Pigments and the Exchange of Ideas

 Our Quest will follow the Journey of our Art Heritage from where it all began to the Twenty-first Century.  What we discover will be the foundations of  what is reflected in our Artistic Expression today.

The First Expressions of Art

Primitive Art, Tools and Materials

  • The first art materials – Found Objects
  • Magic Rituals
  • Sacred Places
  • Personal adornment

Communities, Husbandry and the Exchange of Ideas

As people begin to gather into groups and live in communities, the exchange of ideas brings a higher degree of sophistication to our artistic expression.

  • Tools and Materials – Manipulation of Found Objects
  • Husbandry of Animals and Plants
  • Magic and Sun Worship – The Value of Objects
  • Clothing and Adornment

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Modern Civilization

As Civilizations begin to evolve, so do the uses of fiber and pigments.

  • Spinning of Fibers into Threads and the Weaving of Fiber into Textiles
  • Dyes and Pigments evolve
  • Personal Adornment for Everyday
  • Decoration of Dwellings and Community Buildings

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Now and the Future

The Journey has brought us to the 21st Century and beyond.

  • Modern Tools and Manufacture
  • Modern Textiles and Materials
  • Paints, Dyes and Pigments
  • The Future

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