Bleach Painting Update

I recently experimented with the new “splash-less” chrlorine bleach.  The viscosity is slightly thicker than regular bleach so I thought I would try to paint with it without using a thickener.

The result,  Roses are Red, is quite pleasing although the edges of the design are not as sharp and hard as with the thickened bleach.  Selectively lightening small areas by controlling the bleach  to create lighter areas for highlights was really tricky while the fabric was still  damp.  I used a hair dryer on these areas and the results were a little better.  The real trick is to carefully control the amount of bleach in your brush just as with unthickened paint or dye – and to practice.

I don’t think any amount of practice though, would result in the crisp well defined edges you get with a thickener.  However,  the ability to create a beautiful controlled design with minimal preparation is well worth keeping this technique in your arsenal.

The soft edges of Roses are Red create an impressionistic effect.   The crisp hard edges of Rosemaling have a more graphic linear effect.  Which is your style?

Give it a try!

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Bleach Painting Update — 6 Comments

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for the nice comments. I used cotton sateen from Joann Fabrics for both pieces. So far all the colors have discharged true to color. The yardage was purchased a while ago and manufacturers change – can’t guarantee the same results with each new piece of fabric purchased. Generally I buy a small piece to test and if I like the results I run back and buy more 🙂

      Hope this helps!


  1. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing. I like both of them but really love the soft edges. 🙂

  2. Your work is fantastic. It’s great to see what others are doing. This is one of my fav techniques.

  3. Beautiful work, Linda. My recent favorites are rag-rolling bleach onto cloth, and squeezing out bleach pen and stencilling with it! No pictures so far . . . always more to blog about!