Hestia and the Log Cabin Block

Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Hearth, presided over Domestic Life.  She was the eldest daughter of the Greek Titans, Cronus and Rhea.  Hestia, although not a big name in mythology today, was one of the most important of the gods and goddesses in the Greek Parthenon.  She was rarely depicted in artwork, but was referred to as “Hestia First”.  This indicates how important keeping Hearth and Home as a sacred place was to the ancient people. 

Her Roman counterpart, Vesta, attended by the six Vestal Virgins was the sister of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, and also keeper of the Sacred Flame. 

The tradition of the American Log Cabin Block is a small center square of red fabric representing the Hearth, center of the home.  The Log Cabin block has been arranged and re-arranged by many quilters, but each new look always begins with the small center piece, the Heart of the block, the Heart of the home.

In our busy lives today, we often forget how important the Hearth of the Home is.  It may not be a true hearth with a warming fire and cooking pots, but the need for a safe, warm and loving shelter has not changed over the centuries.

Perhaps we can take a little time to create a personal Log Cabin Block as a gentle reminder of what it is to be “Keepers of the Flame”.  You might put it in an area where you and your family gather to spend time together.  I think I’ll put my block on the kitchen table.  Where is the Hearth of your Home?   

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