Textiles of the Twenty-First Century

 Fiber as we have known it for centuries is rapidly changing before our very eyes. 

It doesn’t seem that long ago that fibers created in test tubes – acrylics and polyesters – were the miracle discoveries.  Since then test tube fibers have brought us life saving materials that are  insulating, waterproof  and bullet proof.   We now have optical fibers that transmit electronic signals enhancing our communications and fibers that have memory.  What could possibly be next.  Well, I read a wonderful article in Fiberarts Magazine  which describes the cutting edge  research of e-textiles.  These are truly miracle fibers that can transmit light, data, sound and power.  Just think of the possibilities.  Listed below is the referenced article and a link to the magazine – highly recommended for all fiber artists.  


by Janet Collins

In the growing field of electronic textiles, two university campuses in North America are emerging as epicenters for groundbreaking research and experimentation.

via Fiberarts Magazine > January/February 2010.

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